Looking for a Terrain Landscaper [Trains]

Hello, Devfourms!

I am looking for someone experienced with smooth terrain landscaping to help with a train simulation game.

This is a group project in which there are currently 5 team members (including myself). While we have been doing the technical feasibility for the game we have discovered that none of us are actually any good with smooth terrain, hence I am seeking out on devforums for people who can do smooth terrain. There is already a lead builder who would be in charge of making sure building work is completed. I would be looking for someone to do the vast majority of terrain work in the game or be able to train up some builders already in the project to be able to work with smooth terrain. We use Skype as the primary way of communication (text-based only).

I’m trying to keep a low profile on the project (I can discuss this in more depth if you’re interested and contact me). It is a train simulation game which will accurately follow a UK-based midlands commuter train line, set in the modern day. We are still in the technical feasibility testing stage, but that should be complete within the next week or two and then the project will be able to be fully committed/confirmed.

Payment would be via a % cut in the game (of around 6-15%, depending on activeness.) I may be able to payout a one-off amount once a certain stage has been reached. (However, I am not super rich). The majority of building work will take place in UK School Holiday time (Mid July - Begging of September).

Benjamin R
Station Studios
Project Manager / Lead Scripter

Contact: benjamin@pert.is or via PM here. I do have Skype & Discord but I’m not comfy with posting them here.

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