Looking for a top tier scripter for a hood game. 100k-200k or more lump sum after game is completely finished

I’m looking for a top tier scripter with experience that’s willing to script whatever I request for my new game, you will be added to the credits, and will be paid a lump sum of 100k-200k or more Robux (USD Optional) main things I will need scripted:

  1. A working phone(tool)
  2. Game intro screen
  3. A simple character customization,hair,skin tone,roleplay name, shirt, pants, ext(that saves when you leave)
    I have a gun system scripted I just want someone to add a few things to it
    Other things will be added to this list once hired, but if you quit or I cancel the game I will delete the whole game completely, give you half of your lump sum depending on the circumstance.

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