Looking for a UGC Developer to Upload an Item to Catalog

Hello, I’m WindingTheRopes. I’ve created a hat which I call the Developer Top hat. I use it for my branding as well as an icon for developers in my games. Here is a render I have created of the model:

I am not a UGC developer, but I was wondering if someone in the UGC program would be able to upload this item to the catalog.

I have FBX, Blend and a Roblox Model ready.

If it needs additional modifications, including a remodel, I’d be alright with that as long as it keeps the original simple style.

I will definitely pay someone who is willing to do the job. Payment is negotiable, I will pay in Robux.

If you’re interested we can talk more on Discord, here on the DevForum or on Twitter.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/windingtheropes
Discord: windingtheropes#5218



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