Looking for a UI designer - Good Pay Project

WHAT’S THIS? :thinking:

We’re looking for a UI designer to complete a series of specific tasks for a payment which can be negotiable


There are a number of UI which will be requested of you to make.I have a detailed plan and description on the UI to make. It is for the most part a basic UI for a game which includes a shop , currency and settings window

More explicit details per task will be shared in private discussion

WHAT SKILLS DO I NEED? :construction_worker_man:

You should be comfortable in a few things to ensure you have minimal trouble with the tasks:

You should be able to make UI using graphic software and studio. You should be able to work in a timely manner and without delay.


You will be paid 20,000-80,000R$ if the given work is completed by a reasonable, mutually-negotiated deadline and is clear of detectable bugs [We’ll be lenient for time around unexpected issues]. The reason for the big pay bracket is due to the different tasks , the more you complete the more payment you recieve.

We’re also looking to follow up with more opportunities if your service is responsive and productive


If you believe you’re qualified and would like to take on the tasks above for the payment, hit me up on **Discord DefaultKind#6295 ** with samples of your work.

Look forward to your response :+1:

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Hey there

Check my portfolio out: Ted | Digital Artist For Hire [UI/UX/GFX] - Public Collaboration / Public Portfolios - Roblox Developer Forum

My portfolio needs updating but you can see some examples of previous work in my portfolio here:
(7 years now :wink: )

Later tonight when I get home I will link some more up to date pieces of work that scale flawlessly :slight_smile:

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