Looking for a uniform creator (FOUND ONE)

Hej or hello or hei!

I’m looking for a uniform and clothes designer for my ferry/shipping company. We are looking mainly for just a few uniforms, but also some merch to sell for our passengers and/or crew to represent us in other places. This task will be a short one, but I may contact you at a later time if I need more uniforms or clothes at a later time.

I am willing to pay you up to 2000R$ (max) for all the uniforms (either via group funds or t-shirt), but the final price does depend on your work quality and how much time you spend into them.

If you need more information about this task or you want to help my company, then please send a direct message in to my Discord. arxxx_on#2288


I do think someone will be great for this he made me some uniforms for my group. @EnchantedYoshi
Screenshot 2020-02-12 at 1.43.51 PM
He is really good you should hire him. :123:


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