Looking for advanced UI designers!

Hi there! My name is alex, and we are currently looking for advanced ui designers for our upcoming game!

About The Job
We are looking for an advanced ui designer to build mm2/mad murder 2 type uis, must have experience and some previous work to share. Most be familiar with those 2 game uis, and any other murder type game uis. If you have more questions please dm me, my discord is down below.

Our game needs multiple detailed uis, and right now there is no deadline.

We are paying robux and or gift cards of your choice. Pay will range, minimum 50$ can go up.

Contact Us
you can contact me here on the developer forum, but I would prefer discord, you can contact me here: zxrze#9689

Thanks for reading through, we appreciate your time!


I seem very interested in this, and a big fan of MM2. [LIMITED] loueque | Enthusiastic Programmer, UI Designer Portfolio


I reccomend @PalmCrafter, exceptional job, and his discord is below. Hope he suits you well, he is the best! 10/10


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Interested in the UI designer role.
Portfolio: [OPEN] UI Designer/2d Artist Portfolio | CursedTxrtle

I added you on discord warnickur#0788

If you’re interested, here’s my portfolio! ✧ XynnoViper [ UI Designer, Graphic Artist ] ✧

My contact information is on there.

I’ve sent a friend request username: 3MASTER9#6327

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