Looking for an accelerator team to work with

The team I’ve worked with to create my games with over 40M place visits aren’t eligible/willing to participate in the accelerator program so I’m looking for some other experienced developers to work on a quick demo for a new game to apply with.

I am a graphic designer but I also design and produce games, as well as manage my games development from the planning phases to the release. I plan on managing whatever team I’m involved with but I don’t mind joining another team if the developers are experienced. If you have a team or are an experienced developer and need a team, contact me in DMs.


2 programmers have contacted me, we’re just looking for a builder, and then our last spot can be a wildcard (graphic artist, 3d modeler, tool animator or jack of all trades)

I DMed you on the DevForum.

Hope to hear back from you soon. :+1:

I have DMed you on the Devforum, I am a GFX artist interested to join your team.

Check out my portfolio : ArdominB | Skilled GFX Artist For HIRE!

Do you have discord? if so , Here is my discord (Recommended) : Ay-Men#7917

Still looking for an experienced builder with 3-4+ years of building experience

We would like to know what the game is about. Because I’m pretty interested to see what it is about.

You should also tell other developers about the game in the forum to get more developers interested in your game and are willing to dedicate there time to your game.

Good luck and best of wishes :+1:

Wassup is this closed if not i am interested if you need some of my work here



you can contact me on my discord Moods cheese#7993
or here if you want xd

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