Looking for an advanced coder! [$]

Hey everyone! I’m Trustmeimrussian (TMIR), I’m a builder. I’ll drop a link to my portfolio of a few of my recent builds/commissions so you know that I am capable.

So getting straight to the chase, I’m looking for an advanced coder who would be willing to work with me on a very large project. This is what I will be requiring:

  • You’re able to do all your work in filtering enabled
  • You know how to work with gun code
  • You’re reliable and will make time for this project
  • You like spicy food (this determines your willpower)
  • You have a discord, or way of communication outside of the site
  • You’re able to work with the Roblox game universe system

You’re probably wondering what your payment will be like, well it’ll be worth your time. You will receive a nice % cut of the game, I am also willing to offer a chunk of pay per progress. We can go into further detail later of how much you think would be good. IF FOR SOME REASON this game flops (which I assure it will not) I am willing to make a payout of 200, 000 Robux, or it’s equivalent in USD.

Alright now that we got the requirements & pay out of the way, let’s jump into what the game is.

ZOMBIE UNIVERSE (name to be changed?) has been a very long time project of mine, dating back to 2009 when I first found the interest of zombie shooters and wave based survival games. It’s over the years grown into a full scale game, it was one of the top grossing paid access games in its very early stages back in 2011, and even in the recent months I’ve seen the potential in it, so I know it can be a fun game & make money at the same time.

ZOMBIE UNIVERSE is a survival game heavily inspired by (you guessed it) Call of Duty: World at War, and it’s infamous zombies mode. I however do NOT want to rip it off and make a generic pew-pew shooter with zombies, I want this to be as original and fun as possible. This means completely recreating the idea and adding in our own modes and ways to play. I of course have many ideas as to how we can accomplish this and how the game will be monetized, further details can be discussed of how this game will work can be talked about if interested.
The game runs off a multi-universe system, and has a full weapon & player customability option. The game itself is fairly basic so won’t require anything to fancy, but I am aiming for quality even on this basic game concept.

What’s been done? How long will this game take for release:

  • I have roughly 40 guns, all low-poly meshed guns, several attachments, knife, skins, you name it all done and ready to go.

  • I have several original songs, sounds, and voice overs ready to use

  • I have 4 near-fully complete maps (may need a bit of TLC and adjusting, but well built and ready to adjust) that are optimized to run on low end PC, and even mobile devices.

  • I have a lot of the UI work done

  • The game will be placed in a group which I already have made (600+ members)

Lots more. Basically it’s a game just needing to be coded and worked on.

If you have any interest what so ever, please contact me either on the forums or via my discord: TrustMeImRussian#6148

I’ll provide some images of the maps/weapons/etc. Thank you.


i’m not a scripter but that’s AMAZING work. keep it up!!!

That’s quite a deal. I hope you find someone.

Zombie shooters are a love of mine. I’ll PM you, but I suspect the time difference in how much we can work will be a problem.

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Looks so cool :eyes:

Astounding and simply breath taking! I’m definitely excited to see this in the future!

Buildings and maps are amazing! Love the detail! Can’t wait to see the full game!

That clipboard ui is actually pretty nice (The building is pretty good too). You should add a blur so that it stands out from the background a little more. If I wasn’t already preoccupied and dedicated to other games I would definitely apply for this position. Hopefully whoever gets it does the game justice.



This is outstanding :eyes:

Damn that looks amazing.


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