Looking for An Advanced Scripter for a Pet System!

About Us

Heyo! We are currently looking for a Professional scripter to make a pretty advanced Pet System for our upcoming simulator

About The Job

I am looking for a scripter that could script an Egg Hatching System with Pet Inventory for a simulator game. (Short-term)

It Should contain all the things mentioned below:

• Upgrade Pet Slots and Pet Equipped With Game passes.
• Able To Delete, Equip, Equip Best, and Unequip All Pets.
• Auto Hatch and Triple Hatch For Gamepass.
• All the scripts in the game must not be untidy and not be exploitable.
• We would want the system to be not buggy and pretty optimized for our game.
• You will be paid after we have ensured that the thing is not buggy and exploitable.

Note: All the Pet models, Pet Guis, Sfx would be provided.
Must have past experience with these types of systems.


Robux: 1k-10k+ (Negotiable)

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or
Discord: @ DevPara#0001 (Prefered)

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Interesting, I’ll be in touch on discord (ShipMasterCaine#6697)

Hello, I think I could do the job, [OPEN!] Video Editor, Thumbnail Maker, 3D Modeler, Advanced Scripter, Builder

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