Looking for an advanced scripter, paying 30k and 10%!


About me

hey there, my name is Omarion, known as OmarionGFX.
I own a upcoming studio known as Omarion productions, we are currently busy with one of my games called Battle Blox.
It’s an FPS mini game, it’s not a big game, but just a small one that i want to launch in April, the only thing that has to be done is the scripting.

About The Job

I am looking for an advanced scripter who has been scripting for 1 year+.
a scripter who is good in FPS, Combat systems.
What we need done:
:black_small_square: Data Storage.
:black_small_square: Buyable gun system.
:black_small_square: Intermission system.
:black_small_square: Currency system.
:black_small_square: Script weapons such as grenades, c4s, grenade launchers and rocket launchers.
:black_small_square: Script Ui animations (Tweening).
:black_small_square: Script global leaderboards that display the players character in R15.
:black_small_square: Game passes.
:black_small_square: Loading screens and welcome screens.
:black_small_square: Camera manipulations.
:black_small_square: And much more, more info when hired.


I am paying 30,000 for this job and 10% of the game’s revenue for this job.
I will be providing a contract and proof of robux, I do not pay upfront due to scammers.

How can you contact me?

You can contact me on my discord: omarion#4495


When contacting me, please provide information, such as:
your Portfolio/Past work/Games you’ve scripted, who you are, how long you’ve been scripting for.

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