Looking for an animator to do several character animations

Pay is negotiable and can be either R$ or USD.

This is for a third person shooter. These are all related to character locomotion.
Here’s a tentative list of what I would need.

Contact me for more information if you’re interested.

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I might try making these. I’m an animator but not very experienced with the Roblox animation plugin Although I do want to get better at using it. I’ll try making some of these and If all goes well I’ll show you what I’ve done.

^My first attempt at a walking animation in studio.


I’d recommend using mixamo animations personally. Read up about it here:

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Those don’t always work with the style of the game, and unless you can motion capture animations yourself you may run into problems where what you need isn’t on some free library(i.e mixamo).

That usually ends up with you trying to mix motion capture and non motion capture winged fillers and it doesn’t look good at all.


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