Looking for an experienced scripter for ROBLOX Racing!


I am looking for an experienced scripter for ROBLOX Racing, you must be able to script pretty much anything, have the ability to work with R15 and be able to devote time to the project.

ROBLOX Racing is a multiplayer game in which players race on motorbikes to get first place and earn coins which they can spend to customize their bikes, they will have daily challenges to complete (e.g - Come 1st place three times for bonus coins!)"

Here is screenshots of what we have so far:

We currently have all the builds, I am going to lead the graphics design,. All we need is a scripter.

It will be 50% for me and 50% for whoever I hire, I’m looking for someone who is willing to work hard on a project and be my partner, not employee.

Thank you for reading!

Is there any scripting done at all that anyone would have to pick up or would it be from scratch?
Is the base model for the bike built?
Is this going for a mario kart theme or a more realistic type of racing?

There is no scripting done, it’s basically from scratch
There is a base model for the bike
It’s aiming to be Mario Kart themed, but with more realistic maps.

Still looking if anyone is interested.

I’m a bit interested. You can check out something I made on my profile called Stingray Racing.

That’s a really good game, but I think I have someone! Thanks for the interest though! :smiley:

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cc @Weeve

Don’t CC me on this, Lol, I already did one, and I don’t do more than one of the same game ever.

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