Looking for animators for upcoming legend of zelda game rpg [open]

Skyridge Entertainment: Astral Dynasties!

Hey guys! I’ll keep this short and to the point. I am currently developing a game, and I am in need for animators!


Animators should be able to animate and rig models smoothly as shown in the picture.

And create smooth weapon animations, movement, etc.


I will do pay per asset for everything you make. The pay is negotiated based on quality and length of work. I have decent amount of funds, so I can pay between 100 - 2000 robux depending on the work.

Link to game:

I am aware that the game is paid access and must be kept this way for fair reasons, if you want to see gameplay without buying the game I suggest searching on YouTube for playthroughs. Shouldn
t be to hard to find one as many YouTubers have played it, including Flamingo and many others. Just a thing to keep in mind :wink:

DM me if you have any inquires!

Discord: (Recommended way of DM)


I think for the stuff you want, 100-200 is underpaying it.


It says 100 - 2000 not 200 robux lol

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Still for all the amount of animations, the quality of style you want and attention to each limb detail you want, and don’t forget its R15 it’s still underpaying.

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I think 2000 for a animation is a good price, correct me if I’m wrong, but what is the usual range per animation for R15?

You never said that it’s per, so if it’s 2000 per anamation then it’s good.

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I did say I do pay per asset under the Payment category, I guess that was a misunderstanding then. Maybe I should be more clear next time haha

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For 2000 Robux per animation you’ll probably be getting some animations of poor quality. That’s $7. If someone spends half an hour making a spear stab animation, they should probably be making $10 or more. That being said, I can understand that budgets are limited and you got what you got. Just don’t expect someone to be able to produce god-tier animations for (what I estimate time be) around minimum wage.


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