Looking for blender tutorial

I’m complete new to blender and find it complicated due to the numerous buttons etc. I’m trying to create meshes using blender for roblox studio, that’s why I’m here to ask if someone has any like tutorial / guideline for using Blender for Roblox Meshes?


I’m not sure about Roblox meshes specifically, but Blender Guru has a really good playlist of Blender tutorials:

As long as you export as a format Roblox can recognize, I don’t think there’s anything specific about wanting to import to Roblox that you would have to worry about.


Awesome, thanks’ I’ll have a look into it!

Try checking out this Channel. I found him very helpful. And, it might be helpful for you too.


Hey Justin, I myself am a proficient 3d Modeller and I completely understand your situation, when I was new to Blender it was also overwhelming to me, your question to me is a bit vague as it really depends what kind of meshes you want to create for ROBLOX studio, as the process of building a car/plane is far different than a tree/lamp post.

Anywho below I’ll attach some resources which can help you become more confident with Blender, these same videos helped me understand the general functions of blender myself.

If these don’t answer your questions try:

  • Searching for more specifics on YouTube
  • Take an online Blender class

Cheers, and take care.