Looking for Builder/3D Modeller for 2021 Summer Accelerator [$4250/month]

About Us

G’day. The Paradise Island team is looking for someone who specializes in building and 3D modelling to join our team to apply for the 2021 Summer Accelerator (18+ ONLY) The game is already in Alpha, almost Beta, and we feel the accelerator opportunity could really help give us the tools needed to make this game successful.

The Team (subject to change)

@NinjoOnline - Project Lead, Programmer - Portfolio | Twitter
@Kullaske - Programmer - Twitter

About The Job

More the most part, the games builds are all mostly there. What we are looking for is someone who can continue on, and provide even better designs moving forward, as well as creating new content for the future! The game maintains a low poly/cartoon esc style, so experience in both those designs are a must!!

You can check out progress for the game already here:


Payment and all info relating to it can be found on this DevForum post:

Payment is based solely on what will be earned through the program

Contact Us

You can contact me on Discord - NinjoOnline#5975 - or through Twitter

Remember, the Accelerator Program is available for developers 18+ ONLY

You can also check out the games Twitter for posts on progress

Cheers for your time :slight_smile:


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