Looking for builder for simple city buildings (1-2k ea)

I am in need of a builder to build some buildings for a city. Some buildings, not all, will be hollow, the others (see picture) will not, rather, just a face. Pretty much the city will include a lot of these “fake” buildings, houses, warehouses, etc, and then there will be some that are “hollow” for the gameplay. If you could also furnish these few hollowed buildings I’d be willing to pay more for them. Nothing too extreme, just some decorations on the inside to make it feel like a building on the inside.

I can pay for each building upon its completion, when it’s ready to be sent to me as a model. Feel free to message me here or ask questions on the thread.

Would these so? https://imgur.com/a/OMRUV
Also see: https://www.roblox.com/games/282937266/Cannolies-Bar-Grill for actual place. Each building facade is 75-500 parts (no unions).

Those are nice! Though I do worry about two things:

a) how many unique buildings are there exactly?
b) I don’t know if I will be able to replicate that building style myself in the future for expansions/hollow buildings

Thankfully for you their mostly hollow (no interior with the exception of Cannolies and the clothing store), just have a single block for some minor details like windows or rim), as for replicating if you’re really worried I can send you about 50 reference images to help (all of which are taken from Mafia 2)

Oh looks nice, may i ask what the project is?

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