Looking for builder (low poly/cartoon) for roleplay [MUST BE EXPERIENCED!]

About the Game

G’Day, I am currently looking for a builder to help bring a nicer atmosphere to my game as I don’t really have the time to put into making a well designed map and build everything and would rather just focus on the scripting/UI design.

The Team
@NinjoOnline- Currently basically everything (scripting/UI/buildings)

About The Job

The game branches out and takes inspiration from a multitude of games (both on and off the Roblox platform) examples include MeepCity, Adopt Me, My Droplets. Off site examples include Club Penguin, Habbo, Animal Crossing. The whole place is Low poly/cartoon and builds must stick to this. Use of external programs (Blender) is basically a must (not REQUIRED, however, will help with keeping the game cartoony, but still have intricacies)

Example of my attempted buildings/few UI elements

Please note, as I am doing the programming of the game, it is hard to show off the actual progress through images, so your best chance at taking a look at the game so far is to play it for yourself (below)

You can see my progress so far here: Rhythm Game - Roblox

Things to note if you don’t have time to check out the game, but want to know what’s already in the game:

  • Customisation of house paint on exterior
  • Furniture placement system inside house (saves and loads)
  • Purchasable furniture
  • Ability to own different houses and change between them
  • Full dialogue system for NPC’s


Looking at somewhere around 500,000 Robux in TOTAL (group funds) This will NOT be paid as a lump sum. Payment will be procedural. So as progress, a payment will be sent.

A percentage will also be given at around 20-25% once the projects complete (with chance for extra 5-10% as more of the game is worked on)

Contact Me

Best place to contact me is through Discord - NinjoOnline#5975
Please send through as much previous work examples as possible! Images/places/videos/models/etc. The more the merrier! I will not reply if there isn’t any previous work to base your skills off. The ability to stayed committed to this project is also a huge plus! As I would like to be able to keep the build style uniform across the whole game.

Look forward to hearing from anybody interested! :smiley:


Sent a message through the Devforum.

Couldn’t reach you on discord so i sent you a message through the devfourm.

Very interested in working with you again, I’ll send you a FR through Discord.

Hi there! I’m quite interested in this position.

I sent you a friend request on Discord, my Discord Username is: Fabi#6839

Still looking for someone? Need a Prop Designer? My Disc is DevJolly is lonely#2608

Is this offer still available?
Just wondering as it hasn’t been updated within a week and I’ve received no response.

Very impressive work on the game! Very clear cut UI and awesome mechanics, hope to see the game succeed.

I’m very interested in this, sent you a friend request… meow?#0001

Hey, I am interested. Not sure if this is still open tho?

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