Looking for Builders

Hiring builders with great abilities to create simple 250x250-300x300 stud maps that has enough room to store 12-16 players. Some things to keep in mind is that it will be dark so don’t plan to make something really meant to be seen. There should be an adequate amount of hiding places for users. Detail is also a major thing you must include. I pay per map. Price is negotiable. But looking to spend no more than 10k each map. Only looking for 4-8 maps. If you’re interested or need any more detail you can reach me through:

Discord: @xChaoticKing#1546
Roblox: xChaoticKing

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Background Info of game
Title: The Butcher
Description: Compact murder game combining an aspect of hide and seek involving a mad butcher and innocent people. The butcher will have a cleaver and will not be afraid to strike. Fortunately for the innocents, if you survive when time runs out you get a frying pan. Smack the butcher with the frying pan for the win.
Link: The Butcher [Alpha] - Roblox

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