Looking for cafe workers

Hi! We are a cafe looking for some game workers, it will include lots of work. So we are asking for some if each section of people to join us.

The team
@Queen_unicorn67 Owner
@Serenia_fantasy Co-owner
@xrainbowRileyx Item worker

About The Job
This job will have some more complex things than other cafes. So we do ask that you are up to it. It may be longer than planned for release. But we are looking for some Scripters, Builders, and Artist currently. We do expect he content. 2-3 hours must be spent everyday, Unless excused.


Payment will be discussed at further notice. The plan is to pay for the amount of hours and the quality. About 1000 for ok quality and 10,000 for very high this will be hired with the job you are doing probably.(Will be payed in robux)

Contact Info

Dm me on Discord please if interested. Contact is Sei Playz#9636. Please don’t send a freind request.

You must be 13+ for the job.

Thank you.


Please use the template, no one can make sense of what you’re saying/trying to ask.


Here we go again

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Thank you, for the notice I forgot about that part.

Please specific payment. Thank you.

So, if we were to be a builder and we did REALLY good, we could get 10k?

What is the job of:

  • A builder
  • A scripter

I am interested in applying.



Paying anywhere from 1k-10k isn’t that great for a few reasons.

  1. A cafe takes a lot of work to build and script. Overall both positions combined should be paid closer to 30k+. (15k+ each)

  2. Besides 1, you said you need more complex jobs than other cafes. More work for not a lot of pay.

Also, you said you are hiring builders, scripters, and artists. Are you paying 1k-10k each or overall?

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That’s for quality not the full pay I haven’t talked to the owner on pay. Apologies, if that wasn’t clear.

No that’s just the quality of your work.

What type of work are you looking for “Artists” to do? It is rather vague. Ad/gamepass designers? UI creators? GFX renders?

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Pretty much about 1 of each. Since we have many different types of things in the game. Maybe more of each though.

I am interested in the Artist Position.
Your discord tag does not work for me. Mine is: Hawk#8404
Thanks! :slight_smile:

Interested in the position as a builder.

Sent you an FR on disc ( PHXTON#9477 )

Yes accepted, just send Dm, that’s all yo gotta do.

Hi, I specialize in cafes, so I am definitely interested! I will contact you on discord! :slight_smile:

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Sorry, but your Discord account settings are set in a way in which users cannot DM you unless you are their friend on Discord. Please either change your settings, or accept my friend request so that I can contact you. :slight_smile:


Just confirming, all we have to do is work as a worker and we get paid?

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Please elaborate on the following parts:
“complex things” - please define what complex things are compared to other cafes.
“may be longer than planned for release” - what is the release date planned?
“2-3 hours must be spent daily, unless excused” - do we need to DM you a doctor’s note or something?
You also mention a payment plan for the hours and quality - but you have only set in stone a solid ROBUX amount depending on quality. Please elaborate on what high quality is to you.


So are we hopping around to find servers that you share with us?
Overall, your hiring post is very vague and we would like you to elaborate more on it.

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What is the job you are looking for? Builder, scripter…? What? Be more specific

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More of each. That’s kinda the idea. We have some originality to the build though