Looking for [Character designer],[3D Modeller],[Map builder] *PAID*

We as a group of “Atlaz Games” are searching for talented users that can either design detailed characters, do 3d modelling or do map building.

We are working on a MOBA kind of game in which more details about it will be given further on.

We already have 2 scripters,1 builder and a user interface designer.

Those of you who want to join us, please complete this formula we’ve created:

Thank you :slight_smile:

I think you need to make this into a multi option poll… I can’t select just once skill, I have a few.

  • Building (maps/towns)
  • Scripting (its about all I do anymore)
  • 3D modeling (Firearms (real life only), characters (mostly heads) and furniture)


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What the heck are Atlaz Points


It is the premium currency used in al of our games.

Sounds bit cheaty to be paid in that and not actual cash/R$…

Well let’s be fair here, there are three options. If someone wants in-game points over actual money then who is to stop them :slight_smile:

Wow, that’s pretty sweet. I didn’t know you could embed forms in Discourse.

Neither i

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