Looking for clothing designers!

About Us

We are a group that’s about to launch a homestore, however. we still have a short amount of outfits done and we need a lot more to be able to fill the homestore, so we are hiring clothing designers!

About The Job

We are looking to hire a clothing designer that could work monhtly for our group/homestores

Our group needs at least 4 new clothing designers!


We are mostly looking to pay in USD, we also do roblox gift cards which is why we aim at clothing designers that are looking for roblox gift cards, we pay monthly.

Contact Us

Contact me here or via discord KatarinaGod#0129


But… your account’s terminated…?

Okay Added! :smile:

my user is Keko#7227

if you’re banned on roblox you can still post on the dev forum lol.

Yeah, but I was trying to see the group but their account’s terminated.

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I already have a new account and a new group!
never making mistakes again
here’s the group

Hi! Im going to join the group, and here’s the group where i post clothes on. How many shirts would you need for a 10 dollar roblox card? Thanks! I can make male/female shirts, and long sleeves.

Erm, i’m not sure using gift cards in exchange for work is allowed.

Our Payment is USD
but people don’t trust paypal sometimes u know…

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I could commission you some modern clothing. I’d say 5 sets of clothing (shirts & pants) for $10.

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can i see ur work? please! id love to see examples

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