Looking for clothing group to promote

About Us

Hello! We are DreamParks, an upcoming theme park on roblox. We are looking for a clothing store/clothing designer to design som clothes for us, and in return, all clothes you wish to promote will be put in our game within the clothing shops

The Team
@heartcupcakes100 - Founder
@102505jd - Co-Founder
@Aviation_Joe - Scripter/Builder
@TSF_Lacker- Builder/Scripter
@ExpertCameron - Lead Dev
@Bestinhop23 - Modeler

About The Job

We are looking for a clothing group to promote in our game. Your group will be making our parks clothes, but will also get your own store in game to promote your clothes and work. All the clothes money will be funneled right into your group.


Your group is promoted

Contact Us



(The Payment method you’ve provided isn’t really the best unless you have an investor.)

Sent a friend request depending on what needs to be done: Itsyourdriver#7497


We are set for normal developers, just we are looking for a clothing group to be in one of our stores. You will gain any robux your store gains as I will make it log to discord.


no longer interested, post edited so my portfolio doesn’t have to be linked to this.

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