Looking for co-owners

About Us

Hello, I am one of the co-owners of Weekend Games, a group that is made of no true owner. We are working on a psychological thriller with the current title of The Phantom.



About The Job

You need to be able to do something unique if you can’t develop via scripting, building, modeling, you will be declined. You are going to be expected to put money, time, and effort into the group because you are one of the owners when getting this job. This is an opportunity to make some future money and branch off and make your own games in the future, by hiring and getting 100 percent of profit.


You will be getting a percentage of the group, equal to everyone else. The amount of people is what depends on what percent. If we can get our desired number of 5 people, then we all get 20 percent of profit.

Contact Us

Contact me at Yellowbattle#1739.
Hope to see you join our team!

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