Looking for criticism on gui

So I believe I’ve finally worked up a final mock up of the GUI I’m going to implement for my main menu. I would just like to know what others think of it before I set it in stone and begin programming it.

All criticism welcome.

(Ignore the background behind the gui, hasn’t been finished yet.)


Very good UI I might say. But there are few things you might want to change. First of all, the text is overlapping the main screen options. Secondly, I like the shaded blue you are going for, but the orange stands out. Maybe change the colour entirely or blend it in with other colours. Overall, your UI looks great and keep up the excellent work :+1:

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I would do something cool with the ‘Pirate’s Life’ words by adding pirate like things to the letters. The GUI is pretty good so far, but I think you should do on what I suggested.

Hello there!

Those GUIs are nice! However, there is an error that I would like to tell you.

1. Text in buttons are not aligned correctly

  • If you can see, those texts are not aligned correctly, they are a little bit to the left. Maybe you can look at it.


Sorry for bad drawing.

That’s all. :smile:

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Hey! Thanks for the feedback, the overlapping text is just there to prevent someone from stealing it easily. And the orange was just a color I chose as a complimentary. Trying to spice things up. But thank you very much for your feedback!

Thanks for letting me know! I did kinda throw the text onto the buttons but I’ll be sure to fix it.