[$] Looking for developer to create basic VR 1st person view script for R15/Anthro

It’s been a few years since Roblox brought VR compatibility on this platform. As of now, not a single popular Roblox game has implemented this feature, and it’s obvious why. Headsets are still very expensive, it takes a valuable amount of time to implement and the market is non-existent. But i’ll be darned if i don’t get to play at least one Roblox VR experience in my life.

About The Job

I’m looking for a smart and handsome developer to create a script that allows players to play VR games in first person view with the HTC Vive. A few things i hope to see:

  • Headset tracking head rotation and position
  • Controllers tracking R15 left/right hand position and rotation
  • Arms following hands while remaining attached to torso (inverse kinematics)
  • Visibility to non-VR players
  • Easy to work with, modify, and implement
  • Universal compatibility for most games using standard R15/Anthro humanoids.


My starting price is $175 and a virtual hug, but can be negotiated (in case you’re not the hugging type). I understand that it’s not a lot of money, and i would gladly pay a lot more, but i won’t be able to earn anytihng with this myself and my income is not the best. I also won’t be able to pay in renders for a while due to college taking a lot of my spare time.

Note: Upon receiving payment the script will be open-sourced for any developer to use, modify and potentially make money off.

So yeah, feel free to think about it and maybe we can make something awesome together. If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask. Have a good one!



If anyone is up to this, I’m willing to pitch in an additional 100 dollars because I - too - would like to see this happen.


I haven’t used it myself, but, this might be the type of thing you’re looking for? It’s completely open source, too.

I was about to mention my own VR character as well. It has been a while since I have worked on it (pre-Rthro) and I haven’t tried to make a full demo with it. If you REALLY want me to, I can try to make a full demo of something to try a full implementation. Everything other than Rthro in your requirements should work since I did validate with the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive non-Pro, and Acer and Dell Microsoft Mixed Reality headset.

Your model is very close to what i’m looking for! I’m ultimately hoping for something that works with anyone’s character, maybe even with the option to add tools like you showed in the video. If you don’t mind me asking, what’s the biggest issue with Rthro at the moment?

The biggest problem with Rthro for me is the fact I haven’t done anything with it. It should be about 30 minutes to 1 hour to get proper support, and also address the fact it re-centers every respawn to fix a different issue. The part of one of my classes that required 4-6 hours per day for the past 2 weeks has ended, and I can continue development now.

Would you be willing to take this job offer? o3o

I will take the job offer to improve it. I will need to get access to my university’s VR lab again to test with the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, but I can develop with the MMR headset I own. Probably will need a few days to make the demo I want to stress test the previous implementation.

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I look forward to see how you can improve that VR controller some more. There’s a project I’m working on that I want to give VR support and your controller would be very epic

Feel free to post here or PM things that should be improved. I would prefer to address it.

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I made a system exactly how you described over the summer:

Video I made of it

Built with a vive in mind, it has head and limb tracking, and positions the head and limbs on your R15 character using that data. It supports movement via walking around (roomscale) and also using the vive’s trackpad (analogous to left thumbstick on another controller)

some other things about movement:

  • Pressing down on left pad/thumbstick turns the torso to face your head so you can have your body face where you want
  • Your head has about half a stud of room to move without pulling the rest of your body with it.

My favorite part about it though is equipping tools with your hand IRL. In the video I’m using the standard linked sword and swinging it around. This works for all tools, so long as they don’t do any camera manipulation. This video is a bit outdated from where I left off, but It also has 3D toolbelt (inspired by Hotdogs Horseshoes and Handgrenades) that lets you choose which tool to have equipped.

It also is fully replicated. All your limbs’ cframes are sent to the server at a certain tick rate and replicated to the rest of the clients on the server.

Now all of this on its own is nice, but I also built an input system that allows you to mix and match controller inputs to create new types of inputs. This allows you to do stuff like OnLeftTriggerPressedInRegion to allow grabbing of 3D areas and getting a part in that region. It’s still a bit rough at the moment but functional. It’s also used in the toolbar, so I guess there’s some example code.

The best part, in my opinion as a developer, is that this system is 100% plug and play. You can just put it into any place (all the parts including a client script+modules, remote event, and server script.) No need to override or fork the playerscripts, it takes care of that for you (though my current method might need to be revised with the recent change in structure.) You can even just require the main module and have access to the full input system to help with binding your game’s functionality to controller functions and/or gestures.

That’s about it. I have it currently implemented in one of my games (I haven’t tested it since this summer though), and it’s very enjoyable to see people react to me moving around freely, waving to people, dancing on the spot for people, whacking them with a crowbar.

My end goal for this was to open source it so any developer could just add it to their game, as I too was disappointed in the lack of VR support (which I do understand comes from virtually no one having a vr set)

additional images others have taken of me using this system (some unflattering):

(me checking my computer while in vr)

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If Garnold’s fits your needs (i.e. properly supports Rthro), you may just want to go with his.
I probably should mention that mine doesn’t result is disconnected heads or arms, and does use foot planting.
If his doesn’t fit your needs, either of us can probably accept the job (or do it for free) to improve ours.

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