Nexus VR Character Model [Open Source]


(Audio recording without dedicated hardware isn’t a good idea in VR)

About 3 weeks ago, I started work on a custom VR character for an upcoming project. As I mentioned before, the intent was to make it open to add to games to increase VR usage on Roblox, and I delivered.
To any showcase owners: Let me know if you integrate it into yours. I plan to add it into Camp Nexus over the next month, with some other revisions.


Woah this is really nice :ok_hand:

That robloxnintendonerd guy could’ve been a jumpscare


We really needed more VR content on Roblox. Way to push the envelope. :ok_hand:


i can’t figure out where to put the script, you should add that to the opening post.

It should be put into ServerScriptService. I am not having any problems doing the same.


Sweet work - yeah, the 3rd person view in VR was pretty weird when I tried playing Roblox with VR some time ago.

As for the issue with R6, having the option to convert players to use R15 would be good - since the character model will affect how VR players sees the game more than just their choice of avatar IMO, and should take priority in this case.

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Will definitely be using some components of this for an upcoming game - great work!

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I am blown away, nice work!


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Something I will need to investigate tomorrow is the character not starting for HTC Vive owners. I already listen check on start if VRService.VREnabled is enabled, and listen to it changing, but it doesn’t seem to start.

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Update is out for this. Also adjusted the calibration, and the “anchored” parts are now updated on RenderStepped for the other clients. This should address tools randomly moving on other clients.

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I’m excited to see what people do with this

How do I change the movement to like real-time? not like now that it’s click to move. :slight_smile:

I believe you can only use the joystick (Teleport) to move.
Also, this script hasn’t been updated in years by the looks of it.

I have just completed a complete rewrite of Nexus VR Character Model, and it is a big release. If you use an old version, I would strongly suggest updating, which should be a drop-in replacement if you didn’t rely on any strange behavior of it.


how do I make weapons for it? like guns or swords that actually kill people

Nexus VR Character Model does not alter Roblox’s implementation of the backpack in VR. Melee weapons should just be made as if they are for a normal character. For ranged weapons, you need to do the same except removing any type of mouse aiming and just fire straight in front for the gun.

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Ah I see that’s what I was missing, thanks alot.

Is it possible to make it so the character can pick up items?

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Good job Nexus!
I’m surprised this isn’t already standard if David Bazooka really wants the Metaverse. This is a significant step toward that reality!

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