Looking for developer to team up with me

I want to team up with someone to make a small, relatively easy, and fun game. I really like working with people and I feel like this would be a really cool experience.

I have a few ideas for a game we could create but I really want to keep the options open. Whoever joins would be my partner and everything, including work and payment, would be split right down the middle. I have extensive experience working with Lua if you want some examples of my work/coding style I will gladly provide them. I assume whoever wants to team up with me will have a good coding foundation too so we shouldn’t run into any difficulties making this game.

I’m a good team member because I have a lot of time to devote to development, I have years of coding experience and know Lua in and out.

As for game concepts I have some ideas but I’m not looking to make a particular game at the moment. We’d discuss what ideas we have and go from there. I just know I want it to be something simple, addictive and fun.

If anyone is interested PM me and we can hash out the details.

So are you looking for a coder or a builder? Also, it might be good to give examples of past work and explain all of your skills and what makes you a good team member, and maybe the concept for the game.

We’d both be doing the scripting and building and I will but it’s a lot of backend stuff on games and I have a few trinkets lying around I have made throughout the years I don’t really have a complete game to show thats why I was wanting to spark someone’s interest before putting examples on here that way I could talk with them 1 on 1 and show them things that way and explain my code and the process I use to write it.

And I added to the original post why I’m a good team member and I answered your question about game concepts.

Cool, I’m not your guy but hope you find someone.

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Alright, I sent a PM.

As of now, I’m working on a voxel building tool just for something to do. I don’t feel strongly about this project. :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m ready to dump it and move to something more fun.

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