Looking for Developer/Contributors

Hiring Developers/Contributors

About the Project:

We are actively seeking skilled individuals to contribute to an engaging Roleplay game set in the 1950-2000s era. Vanguard will offer players an immersive experience across various roles such as Law Enforcement, Postal Worker, Civil Servant, Firefighter, and Entrepreneurship, fostering a dynamic environment for exploration and interaction with fellow players.

Available Positions:

  • Scripters and Programmers
  • Builders (needed)
  • Basic UI Designers


  • Minimum age requirement: 13 years old
  • Commitment to work until full payment is received
  • Proficiency in developing roleplay games within the 1950-2000s thematic framework


Payment will be a percentage share of the game’s revenue, with the specific percentage determined prior to commencement of work.

How to Apply:

For those interested in joining Vanguard as a developer or for inquiries, please reach out via direct message on Discord to: p8o.

  • Discord User ID(if needed): 983252022608412773

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