Looking for developers interested in a collaboration


About Us

Hello, I go by insane. I am a new member to the devforum, recently accepted. With my acceptance, I would like to start work on a new game with fellow developers in the community.

The Team
@insane_r - Project Manager
@Geradeau - Lead Scripter
Vacant - UI Designer
Vacant - Builder
Vacant - Modeler
(Possibly) Vacant - SFX Artist

I would like to discuss some of the concepts I have for the game with any of the developers interested in applying, as I have not started any of the major concepts yet.

About The Job

My current concept is to make a base-battle game, inspired by Clash of Clans. This is subject to change if any of the developers that are hired have any ideas, or I hear any good ideas from the community!


I am much more interested in a partnership based off game revenue then a contract. If it is something small such as a game logo I may contract it, other then that I am looking for long term developers interested in taking a percentage of game revenue.

The revenue cuts will be similar to SteadyOn’s cut reccomendations, although I will lower the revenue for myself since I am the project manager.

Contact Us

You can contact me here on the devforum, on my twitter, or on my discord insane#0001

Thanks for reading! Any questions can be sent to my contacts aswell.

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Hello! I was wondering if you had any previous experience, such as running other successful games. I’m skeptical to join a project based on percentage when I don’t know the background of the project leader.



I have been developer for a few smaller games, but nothing that has really been too successful. That is why I will be attempting to put my best foot forward on this one and try my very best to make it a successful game.



Very interested!

My Protfolio: Bxnani - Building Portfolio

Due to school, I can only be available above 5pm MT.

Here’s my Discord: bxnani ; andrew#1845


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