Looking for experienced clothing designers!

Hello! My team is looking to hire a few more clothing designers for weekly commision of about 1,000R$ - 4,000R$ a week.

I take my team seriously, and I help and pay accordingly.
My designers design whatever they want, I don’t hold them back with my own opinions.

My clothing brand is about diversity - Creative Clothing - Roblox

You may contact me on discord - Acupla#7915


I, highly recommend. Im a
I’m a simple clothing designer, this community is highly active. I have no problems. I make my shirts however i want. Highly Recommend


Acupla is a great guy to work with, he pays well and does a great job of managing the developers he works with. I recommend applying, since he’s an awesome person!


Thank you guys! That means a lot to me!


I would HIGHLY recommend this group- the community is amazing, kind, and everyone is so artistic! Acupla is one of the most wonderful people I have ever worked with.


Awesome to work with. Pays as fast possible, complements your work, the community is amazing and the best thing ever. I suggest you work with aculpa.


Making me blush for reals. ngl

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Amazing Team, with many lovely people and a lovely boss! Payment is amazing and trustworthy! :relaxed: By far the best team I have worked for!!


:wave: Hello there!
My name is Rosie and I’ve had lots of experience making clothing for new groups. I find desire in making apparel because of the experience and not because of the reward. I usually create clothing and merchandise for new groups, because they are usually the ones with very limited budgets. I am interested in this position as I am very interested in your group, and your work environments. If you would like to be in contact with me you can send me a friend request on Discord: iiRosie1#7056 or we can message on Dev Forum. :slight_smile:

Looking forward to hear from you,



Acupla is really good person and I’m so happy to work with him!



Is there a limit of clothes we have to make per week? I’m very interested in this. I’ve started my own clothing group but like what @iiRosie1 said, I lack the funds to pay designers and advertise. If you would like to contact me, here’s my discord: Coneylove133#2653


Added! Thank you very much for your interest

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I also added you! Please get back with me at your earliest convenience!

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Hello there! I am very interested, I just have a couple questions about the position.

How many designs are you looking for per week, and how do you determine how much to pay?

I will proceed to add you on Discord once you respond, or if you’d rather add me and then answer the questions, you can do so (SamWillGoHam#2005). I hope to hear from you soon!

I am interested in this group, and would like to hear more about it and the clothing designing. I added you, my discord is jamie#3333.

Lots of praise from several individuals, all seemingly credible. Love the reputation you’ve gained on this platform and makes me feel warm to the heart as well. I added you on Discord, and would love for an opportunity to work with you. HumorousSilence#5305


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