Looking for experienced dev team

Hello, we are looking to put a dev team together for a simulator game.

The Team
We need a lowpoly map builder
We need a scripter
We need a UI developer

10-30k for a map builder (needs to have great examples, ample proof of trustworthiness)
10-30k for a good scripter (again we need examples of work)
10-30k for UI developer (examples of work please!)

About The Job

We are looking for a professional team who can work together. We would prefer it if you could work without much guidance. We are looking for a low poly simulator, this would be a medium sized map.

We dont have a deadline but do expect regular updates on progress

Contact Us

You can contact us on dev forums or discord @coolcool11223#6000 and @Kratos#0126
You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Hello ! I’m scripter , interested to work with you . I will contact you tomorrow !

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I’m interested but both discords are invalid.

Hi my ID is Coolcool11223#6000

Hello! I am a UI designer. MrBunnyKing#8346 For some reason I can not friend you, so you can try friending me :slight_smile:

Hi sir I am low poly builder - 3d modeler - ui designer check my dm on discord: ZeXelDev#4459

I am interested to be a UI designer. I’ve sent you a request on discord.
My discord is Vortex#9801

Please accept my friend request in discord , I want to talk with you about job .

Please add me , wwant to talk about scripter job . DeHarchy#4969

Hello, I am interested in the UI designer position! Here is my portfolio: [Open] Katato's UI Designing Services

discord: ItsKatato#2907

Hello ! I’m looking for job and see this , so I can be scripter for you . I have big experience of work , please dm me in discord DeHarchy#4969

I am interested. Please DM me on Discord: HttpCre#0001

yo sir i added you on disocrd your discord is Coolcool11223#6000 not coolcool11223#6000

Hello, I am a builder and I am good with low poly. If you haven’t found one already, my discord is Ashtonissocool#6972

If you would like to see some of my work in blender, I made a little recreation of a game. (Ignore the thumbnail it’s old)


Will you need any GFX afterwards?

Interested in Builder Role! (((Open!))) 6wx5's Portfolio || Builder || Low-Poly ||

Interested in the UI-Designer role, you can find my portfolio here. Have a great day!

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