Looking for Feedback! | Fantasy Building

Hey! It’s LowsDev :smiley:
I made a little fantasy house, I am not really that much into modeling buildings, so this is one of the first times. I have some questions.

  • Am I doing anything wrong?
  • Why can I do to make it better?
    *What sticks out to you most, and why?


Lights are too orange, the dark brown doesn’t match with the purple vice versa
Thats all I can think of

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The overall look of the building is fine. But here’s my feedback :

  • Try to give the building more shape, either by adding more rooms or putting it in an L type shape.

  • Windows are too orange, they almost look like the inside of the house is bursting in flames.

But, still. This is an overall great house!

There is not much to comment on, but I would dim down the brightness on the windows and make some trees and props surround the building, It is cute and well made, good work.

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