Looking for feedback for a gfx I made for examples

Recently I was scrolling around and decided to work on this nice piece, hopefully this finally proves I’m worthy to make a commission. If you want to hire me, you can find me anywhere, anyways, check it out!

Before edit:

After edit:


Loots great! The only thing I noticed that seems a bit off is that the helicopter blades aren’t blurred, so it almost looks like they are stationary. Nice job though!


nice job!

first thing’s first: the DoF doesn’t match

you’re telling me, that these helicopters are in the background? nah they look like toys near the soldier because the DoF is closer to that of the soldier than the bluriness of the background.

second: blur helicopter blades

third: fix gun posing on the guy its literally like on his chest but he’s holding it and then its like he’s giving it to someone.

fourth: helmet is to shiny

fifth: the background lighting and effects don’t match the render’s

sixth: the sparks look like overlays and don’t fit in

seventh: you need better lighting and maybe try to find an hdri that looks like the background so its more accurate

eighth: it looks like he’s floating because there is no visible ground or dust or any snow or puddles or really no sign of ground being there.

also, have trees near him and going down all the way. it looks like he’s on a hill or mountain but there are no trees like 30 feet higher from where there are trees. like its a sudden stop

AMOGUS! ITS SUS!!Screen Shot 2021-11-01 at 4.34.45 PM
(he’s grabbing his phone for a selfie right?)

tenth: that posing makes it look like the gun is closer to his elbow than his hands

thats it i guess, nice job.

(if you fix all of this you are certified pro gamer)

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  1. what the heck is a dof
  2. i am fixing everything else rn
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dof stands for depth of field!!!


My suggestions on your GFX is that you should experiment with the the DOF values, until you put it at a point where it’ll blur the helicopters in the background just a bit. Another thing that I recommend to you is adding bloom and flares, so that the result can pop more. And I also see some incorrect lighting. Did you use an HDRI, or you rendered the image in transparent mode with no other lights added or modified in the scene. Whenever I do GFXs like these I usually use hidden planes with the Emission material with the colors that look like it’s going to fit with the background I picked prior to rendering. By the way, I decided to take a spin on your image with my own settings. Let me know your thoughts on this:

You’d need a shutter speed of like 50 thousand to get a shot like that lol.

Edit: found a video of what it’d look like. camera shutter speed and frame rate match helicopter`s rotor - YouTube

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