Looking for feedback for my first few pixel art icons

I usually don’t do pixel art. However, I was recently dragged into it.And boy, it’s addicting. Therefore, I am looking for some feedback for a few icons I made for my game. :smile:

Piece of Paper


Red Shroom

Butter with Extra Butter


is really nice the Red Shroom is cool


Love them! Very cool! :hidere:


Such work is alwaysa going to be underated haha. I really like the first 3 ones. For the last one I would remove this part.


Anyways great work :doh:

What software did you use? I might also try it :happy3:

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Hi there, great icons you have!

The cheese is perfect, however the paper looks more like a failed cake (no offense). Try going off of a scroll type of paper (you know, those things that curl backwards).

As for the mushroom, the red should be made larger because right now, the stem is over emphasized.

I don’t know what feedback I have for the butter, but I can tell you that would not have known that that’s butter without the label. I don’t know, how about you do a stick of butter instead of a molten version?

Other than that, great pixel art!

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I used photoshop :slight_smile:

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Oh really? I was going for that kind of note kind of piece of paper(like those small slips of paper)

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