Looking for feedback for my game icon

so, I was bored and decided to make an icon for my game, it turned out like this

which isn’t bad! but I think it could be better, I will now explain my game for better feedbacks :slight_smile:
my game is a third person shooter game, like plants vs zombies garden warfare, it also is class based with team vs team combat, with each players having 2 primary attacks/abilities on mouse buttons, 3 normal abilities on the numbers and one final stand which requires you being low in health to use
some abilities cost you health to use, those abilities are commonly stronger or serve higher purpose, but need strategic placement and quick thinking


Okay, I have a few things to say… I am not really experienced at designing and things similar to that, but I will just comment on it as a player, who might click on the icon and play this… if I ever come across it.

1 - Try different colours. Using red instead of white might draw more attention.
2 - Make the weapon / sword at the back more recognizable. I don’t believe that anyone would be able to spot it without looking at it closely.
3 - I am not really sure about the text part, but the “HOLLOW POINT” text is def. not… lets say it just doesn’t fit that area very well… It should be hand drawn with those “random” ( spikes and stuff ) features.