[LOOKING FOR FEEDBACK] I made a Roblox platformer

Hey developers! Last weekend I decided to get back into coding after a pretty long break. I knew that my project couldn’t be too big, as I wanted to take my time and slowly develop my skills again. I concluded that a platformer game was the perfect option and I started right away. I ended up finishing and publishing it on Sunday and made a few changes today. So I would like to present to you…

Frame 11

Let me know what you think. Most feedback will be used for a sequel as this was more of a short project instead of a full-on production. Thank you for taking your time to read this post and have a great day!


The game is great and unique! The dirt texture looks like the grass texture (I know it is not) other then that I like it. Yellow snow… wait what.


Great game! But I’d definitely suggest adding a main menu when you first join the game, and some effects when you die, so it doesn’t just feel like you respawned.


I like it, very unique concept for roblox




Hello Robloxians,
I would like to gather some feedback again so I can work on a sequel once the summer break starts. I would really appreciate it if you could play the game and let me know what I can improve. You can obviously comment on this topic, but you can also fill in this form or the one presented to you when you lose all three lives while playing. Both of the forms are pretty much the same, but the latter gives you an in-game reward.
Kind regards, iamajust


This project is unique, i am sure and this is impressive.
But i would like to tell you some recommendations so you could improve your game soon:

  • Add tutorial: Players are new here and they may not understand what is going on and what to do in the game. Add tutorial to every single level so the player wont be confused and he might remember what each mechanic, traps and enemies do!

  • Add weapons: It would be cool if you would hit enemies and receive +1 coin for something like upgrading your weapon and your character. Instead of jumping on enemy head, you would make that each enemy has certain amount of health, every weapon has each amount of damage and only way to defeat them is only the weapon. Also about the coins!

  • Add shopping system: Coins are only your currency in the game, right? But why not to exchange them for swords, weapons and upgrades? So, everything in the shop is having their own prices that you can buy with your collected coins in the level! They might can be located somewhere in the levels.

  • Add cutscenes: It is really cool so see a platformer with movie-like scenes. Players may even would be interested about the game and the main character! There is maybe would be cutscenes about the Noobie character, maybe explanitation to his storyline, who knows.

The list as i could continue maybe not full but hey, i think some of these ideas would be released in your game! Your project is really cool and i hope it will be developed well!

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Thank you so much for your extensive feedback and recommendations, these are extremely valuable to me.
I was planning on making a much more guided experience for the sequel including things like a main menu, tips and indeed a tutorial. You did give me some new ideas for how to actualize it, though.
The weapons are also definitely an interesting idea. I like that they would be upgraded over time and that different enemies have different amounts of health.
A shopping system was definitely on my list. In my survey, I actually ask the participant to rate the idea from one to ten, so I’m grateful to take this as a confirmation of the idea.
Last, but in no way least, the cutscenes. I am incredibly amazed and pleasured by this idea. It is very unique and could add so much to the game. I will definitely be exploring this concept as it speaks to me very much.
Once again, thank you so much for taking the time to study the current state of the game and inventing some much needed improvements.

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