Looking for feedback on a forcefield effect

I’ve been working on a forcefield effect that selectively allows players to pass and kills other players. It uses a combination of particle, beam, and texture effects with randomly generated color sequences and tweens.

Any feedback is appreciated.


I’m not a big lua programmer but from the perspective of a designer, I like the actual dotted particle effects - even if it looks a little flat - I’m not a fan of the thick solid blue border going around the forcefield but that’s not a huge deal regardless.

Also some of the beam particles within the forcefield are static and would probably look more realistic with at least some simplistic movement. I’m not sure how particle contour is made but I would suggest adding more darker particles to combat the overexposed highlights of some of the beams going across at the middle top half of the forcefield.

Once again, I’m not a lua programmer or a VFX artist, I’m just a designer so this is personal preference - therefore, feel free to do whatever with this advice. Cheers.

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The beam effects are actually moving, but it’s hard to tell. There was an issue with the beams going across overlaid the same way. I was able to reverse it so it’s more uniform.

The particle colors are in a color sequence in which the colors are chosen randomly as is the beam colors.

Thanks for the feedback.


No worries, hope you get what you’re looking for, good luck man

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