Looking for feedback on an early version of a kelp forest

Hi, I’ve recently picked up an old project of mine that never got finished. It’s a role-play/exploration game where you play as marine creatures, and I’ve been working on a kelp forest as one of the main areas of the game. Below are some screenshots of what the kelp forest looks like in the current version:

What I’m mainly looking for feedback on is the overall layout of the kelp forest, the meshes (such as the kelp itself, sea cucumbers, chitons, brittle stars, and sea urchins), and the atmosphere and overall feel of the area.

Here’s a link to the game itself if you would like to explore it for yourself. The fastest way to get to the kelp forest is to pick the “Dusky Grouper” in the “Bony Fish” category and go to the left immediately. Use E and Q to ascend and descend respectively.

(Currently only supports PC)

You could add more biomes, like the Lost River, Blood Kelp Zone [Subnautica]
You could make spots for cave-homes, (adds into the roleplay aspect)
Add puzzles for more unlocking spots
Add more interactive stuff (Like the white + red plants that are interactive)