Looking For Feedback on an Upcoming Admin System

Hey! Me and @co_existance made an admin system, and we’re looking for user feedback. I always believe that input from the user is very important.

All GUIs were made by co_existance.



You can join the testing game here:

Demo video:

Note: KeeAdmin currently loads faster than all of the more popular admin systems. Bugs may or may not appear. Let me know and I’ll get them fixed asap!


Looks neat & smooth, love it! Good job
Tho, I think the ‘commands’ text is relatively small a little

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Thanks for the feedback! I’ll make sure that it gets fixed.

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I’ve updated the GUIs and fixed 3 known bugs.

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Looks pretty good. The ui could be organized better with groups, also dont know why the video is 2 minutes long. Also maybe more commands/a way to type commands without people seeing chat

Could you explain what you mean by that?

It’s a demo.

I’m adding new commands every day. There is, a command bar.

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Expect the admin system to release sometime early next month.

For example, there is one group that is effects, another one for trolling, etc.

That might be a feature sometime soon, but for now when you hover over a command, it shows you the description, minimum level requirement, and category (moderation, fun, misc).

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It looks good but I think it would be better if the search bar only displays commands that have the starting part equal to the one searched in case you didn’t understand here’s an example:

Commands: Kick, commands, forcefield
Searched string: c
Commands that would be displayed: commands

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The UI looks very clean, and smooth. Well done will definitely try this out!

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Thank you for the feedback. That’s definitely a good idea. I’ll try to get it implemented.

Update: I’ve added that feature but I can’t upload the image for some reason.

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Feel free to suggest any commands!

The planned release date is the first week of June.

It’s coming out this week. DM me if you’re interested in being a tester.