Looking for feedback on Blox Royale

Hey, we recently pushed a new quality of life update on our game blox royale, and we would appreciate some feedback in relation to new user experience, general experience and anything which would be good to change.


  • Make the game more friendly for low level returning players. I played the game a while back when you last posted here and it has changed a lot since then. I had no idea where anything was and how to actually play the game.
  • Make buttons and UI interactions more consistent. Colors mean a lot. For example, the greyed out starter pack button may make the player think that they are unable to buy it.

    In addition, it was unclear that the buttons at the top were actually used to start a round. Blue and red are used interchangeably throughout the game. For example, all Robux buy interactions are gold, all non-Robux buy interactions are green all close/stop interactions are red, all start/activate interactions are blue, etc.
  • Make the battle UI more clear. I didn’t realize that 1/2/3/4 could be used to select cards when the numbers 4/5/6 were all displayed in small squares underneath the cards. In addition, the elexir bar should be either bigger or closer to the cards. It’s hard to keep track of how much you have and plan accordingly when it is only a few pixels wide.
  • Remove redundancies in Proximity Prompts. This one it a bit nitpicky, but it is unnecessary to add “Interact?” or “Buy?” when the description already says it.
  • Replace the Robux chests with the equivalent amounts in gems. This gives players a chance to earn their way to top rewards rather than buy the chests manually. If the player does not have enough, prompt them to purchase the amount they would need (i.e. if the player wants a 250 gem chest and only has 165, prompt them to buy the 150 pack of gems).
  • Remove the empty panel in the shop and replace it with one that dynamically adds itself in when the player clicks on an item. It’s harder, but gives you more space to work with in the shop.
  • Make the grid snapping for the battle less precise. I care less about perfectly aligning my troop with the tower than being able to quickly add more items without overlap.
  • Add a separate sidebar tab for chests. Unlocking chests seems to be a core component of your game. Make it easier for players to access.
  • Do a better job hiding your easter eggs. :stuck_out_tongue: Consider adding making one of the fake doors work, or having a fake wall that players can pass through on the battle map.

  • Make your game unique and move away from Clash Royale. Right now, there aren’t a whole lot of special elements aside from Roblox culture references.
  • Make your game more social. Right now there isn’t really any player interaction outside of battle. Add more ways for friends to connect in-game, or even add some sort of team-based element bigger than 2v2.

Still looking for more feedback!