Looking for feedback on cabin showcase

Hello! I’m currently creating a showcase of a cabin in the woods, with the product intended to along the lines of stylised realism. I’ve been wondering where to continue from this current point and I was wondering if you all would be willing to give me some feedback, here are some images of the current project.

Exterior (90% complete)

Interior (70% complete)


I’ve added a cave area with completely different lighting, I’d love to hear what you all think of it!

The main points I’m looking for feedback is on:

  • Interior design, how can I add to it or improve it.
  • What would you like to see generally in the build that would improve its realism?
  • What do you think of the current styling and building

Your feedback is very valuable and thank you if you can give some feedback :grin:


Wow, this is absolutely amazing, i really like the detail and the lightning is spot on, one of the best i have seen so far, it also creates a cool isolated vibe, keep up the fantastic work :smiley:


One gorgeous marvel to behold. I’ve never seen this realistic piece of a build before :+1:


Not going to lie but that looks amazing from the outside. At first I thought it was a picture that was painted. But wow Nice job! Looks great! Keep up the good work!

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Wow man, that looks really cool and uh awesome ! Really like it man 10/10


I won’t give any criticism (feedback) because I think that you have ‘really hit the nail upon the head.’ Your work looks immaculate and I am very impressed with the standard that you have achieved.

I will reply and give you praise though - this is a really lovely build. Your lighting is beautiful and your construction is detailed and realistic. I think your current styling and building is top notch and ‘bang on the mark.’

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I’m speechless, It looks so… real! although I would fix up the bed a little, the bedsheets look a bit odd.

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Simply amazing. Just how it doesn’t take a chef to know good cooking, I can say this build is amazing.

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The lighting in the field is beautiful, and I enjoy seeing the level of hard work, patience, and detail into your build.

Some feedback I would give:
-When it comes to showcases, there is a lot of magic within the details. You understand this concept well, as proven by the bookshelf and the items on the desk, however, things still seem copied/pasted, which is something i’d avoid as much as possible. Part of the reason is, perhaps, how the textures, colors and sizes seem very common with one another (for example, the logs for the cabin’s walls, or the curtains covering the windows). While this isn’t a huge concern, it can overall effect the feeling of realism in a showcase.

-Another thing to ask yourself is: What is the story? Who resides here? What are they interested in?
What creates a person? Look around your room, and what do you see?
Do you see books? Movies? Your favorite color(s)? Maybe a gaming console? Maybe piles and piles of schoolwork that is either complete or incomplete? An instrument? Posters? Photos? Is your room tidy or messy? I could go on. These things develop a character. You look around your room and you can see what you’ve accomplished, what you have yet to accomplish, and what your characteristics are. From physical objects you can gather a list of questions, things like “Does this person take their education seriously?” or “Does this person find cleanliness a necessity?”. From there, we can develop and put together who inhabits a space. Who they are, a story behind what you see. This approach can bring emotions to the table, something I wish builds had more often on Roblox. I believe that this showcase has that potential.

-Keep an eye on the small details. Vary the sizes, colors, rotations and texture patterns of things. Take your time with it. I cant wait to see this/play this.

Best of luck. :slight_smile:


Hey Jenny, I’m a big fan of your work so thank you so much for helping me with some feedback! I’ve been working on the details as you say to try create that idea of character and story, regarding the interior, the assets and their respective texture styles will be changed over time.

As well as this the finer details as you mention are really helpful as I’m looking for this to be my application for EBR. And I really appreciate the question you gave, they’ll come in handy in finishing off the showcase.
Thanks for your feedback!

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Overall, it looks great. You have managed to capture a realistic scene with adequate attention to the environment, something that a lot of other showcases miss.

The realism is certainly there, however it does focus a lot on textures and less on the actual building. While this is not a major issue overall, if textures were removed the showcase would look a lot simpler. This is something that I personally take into consideration when I judge EBR applications, however each individual has varied opinions, so someone else may have a different point of view regarding this.

My EBR application should help to further elaborate on this point, since I have focused less on using textures and more on bricks to create a showcase.

I look forward to seeing more great showcases in the future, keep up the great work.

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Thanks for the feedback Immortal, I’ve been trying to use the textures to supplement rather than replace the building itself, but I can see how it’s still fairly overpowering. The main use I have for textures is to create a certain aesthetic, not to try take away from the building, and often it’s simply for lighting purposes, I prefer it with textures.

But of course I understand the traditional building styles of EBR and I’m willing to try my best to create a atmosphere as well as a build and textures better help me to achieve that than materials alone. Closer up I’m adding more detail to supplement the texturing, as having building details and realism crossed with accurate textures I think can make for a good showcase, but It comes down to what you all think so I hope you’ll like it when the time comes!
Once again thanks a ton for the feedback!

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I really love how this is beautifully made. You actually managed to make the lighting fit onto this cabin which is absolutely great! 10/10


Is this Roblox? … Impossible…

However, absolutely amazing! Brilliant work! Can’t wait to see the finished project! :hearts:


Hey everyone, I’ve updated the original post to include the new cave in-game, I’d love to hear what you all think of it, and if you have any critique on the design or aesthetic I’d love to know!
Thanks in advance!


This is absolutely stunning! Not sure I’ve seen something of this detail.

For your exterior, I think some stone or gravel trails would look nice. Maybe a fence surrounding the area? Most cabins and ranches have fences surrounding their property.

For the interior, I think a poster would look nice. Maybe a movie poster? Add some cabinets, and an oven.

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This is stunning! It doesn’t even look like roblox! It has lots of small details which I like. The new grass also looks great on this build.

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I saw this post a few days ago, and I’m finally able to post on it now, but I love this showcase so much! The amount of nature-life and the realism aspect of it is amazing!
The exterior design of the showcase is incredible and super eye-catching!

I feel as if the interior of the cabin (the side with the fridge & crates) something could be added to make it look a little less bland!

Aside from that, this is a near perfect showcase in my opinion! The lighting is perfect, and it really has an isolated but comfortable, country vibe to it!

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This showcase looks really good, but I have somethings that you can change. First, you should have some of the shirts lying under the rope outside as if they have fallen off the rope. Second off, the fridge looks too good. You should have the fridge door open, have it filled with rotten food, and add some mold inside it. Thirdly, then curtains inside should be dirty and ripped. Finally, the steps outside should be broken.

Hey there, your suggestions are really cool however the story progression is that a tree fell on the cabin, currently the occupant has left to go get supplies to fix it, so everything is still in good condition, and while those are great ideas for a run down cabin it isn’t exactly fitting with the currently build, nevertheless thank you for your feedback! :smile: