Looking for Feedback on Environment GFX


I just finished rendering and editing a new GFX! It was made to gain experience in creating “realistic” nature scenes. What do you think of it? What do you think could be improved?

The GFX:

Original resolution: 3840px * 2160px

Other GFX: Looking for Feedback on second Environment GFX

Thank you for your feedback :slight_smile: !


Woah, love the lighting used here! Great work on the greenery too :heart: .


my laptop wouldve exploded by looking at that on material preview xd, so goood


Wow, I Was genuinely convinced you just took a picture off of google.

Thats amazing!


Wow, this GFX looks VERY good! I like the style, colors, and lighting of it! It’s very realistic and nice. Good job on this!

Looks great I could never do better :sob: so I give you a 999T/10

Looks amazing! If you were indeed using Blender for this wonderful creation, did you utilise the Botaniq addon?

Honestly, I have a feeling that Botaniq wouldn’t be able to provide such a wonderful outcome.

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Hi, thanks for your feedback, but I didn’t use the Botaniq addon for my GFX.

Looks sick, are you using cycles or eeve?

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