Looking for feedback on farm build

Hello, I’m a scripter trying to build for the first time and would like feedback for my build. I don’t mind taking criticism and suggestions, please give a rating of 1- 5.

I took inspiration from the image below

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Nice! :smiley: 5/5 for your first build.


Nice Work! 5/5, Great First Build! :grinning:


Fences arent attatched?!??

So thats 4/5 from me

He followed the reference where the fences aren’t attached.

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Even so, its still a 4/5, it looks like its missing something

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This is a first build!? Great job!
Solid 4.5 from me. Like how the fences are detached, try moving them a little closer though!

I think to make it better the floor should be smaller so everything is closer together.


Yea, I should’ve made everything closer together thank you for the suggestion!

Closer together, You are right they seem a bit distant.
I wouldn’t want to connect them, but I’ll bring them closer. Thank you for the suggestion!

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Nick work, for your first build.

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