Looking for feedback on medieval house/shop

Would like some feedback on this,trying to improve my house making skills,especially on the exterior part. (Please do not mind the swords and armor,I did NOT make them so dont give feedback on those,this is purely about the build)

Thx for the feedback in advance! :innocent:


Seems pretty cool and well made in my opinion

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I really like it, but the light inside the house is different from the outside & tbh, that makes it look (not that good)
Overall, well made! 9/10

How long did it take you to do this?

Interior: Looks amazing, great texture, good lighting.
Exterior: Needs some work. At the front I would add a double window (I think that’s what’s called), Dual doors, a horse perhaps, and some different shades of grey/brown. At the back maybe add a farm/garden.

Overall though I’ll give it 8/10

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the light might be a bit too orange-ish, perhaps make it a little bright yellow. the floor looks a bit bland, maybe add some details like random dirty, burn, or water decals.
I do also recommend using a custom texture, but other than that, it looks grap :grapes::wink: :+1:

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Oh the grass wasnt rlly part of the build,was just the plate I build on

I rlly dunno,just worked on it when I was bored,I d guess like 2 hours or something around that (including thinking about what to make etc)

The roof looks really slim. And I’m not a big fan of the material you used for the pillars. Maybe give the normal wood material a try? The inside looks really cozy : )

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I’m not going to lie here. I do love the concept of the house itself, but there can be a few improvements.

I would have to say that this build is a bit too blocky. Although it’s design is quite nice, the edges of each asset are very noticeable. The lighting is also a bit too bold. Try toning it down a bit to something colder, maybe to a less saturated yellow/gold color.
Now if we look at the first picture and compare it to the second picture, then the rug is missing. If you added a rug to the lobby or entrance, it would greatly complement the wooden floor, as the wooden floor by itself just looks too bland.
The reason is because the rest of the wooden objects are simply the same color and have the same texture.

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