Looking for Feedback on my Current Roblox Project

Hi, I started developing a game that lets you track groups across roblox. Before I start advertising my game a lot I’m curious to see what others may think of my game and what I can improve on. No need to be nice, I’m open to taking critisicm as long as it will help me improve aspects of my game.

Screenshots below ↓ ↓

I’m sure there are some(or a lot) of qualities the game lacks that would make it a fun and enjoyable game to play. If there is anything about my post that confuses you let me know and I will clear it up. Thanks!

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I believe the experience does what it should do. However i think its too structurly simular to friend checker in terms of looks. I believe you can make the overall place look visually appealing rather than a flat surface.

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Hmm ok so should I add more depth and building to the map to make it look nicer?

Looks a bit uneven from the pictures, also, you can make it look a bit more “cool” by adding something around the area, not just having it flat. The sky is plain too

But the game looks functional, well done

I wouldnt say buildings would be the best fit.

Something like adding a bunch of abstract shapes to give it a weird dimension feel could work.

How about something like this:

The game might be useful, and it should gain trust from users in the long term, but don’t expect it to blow up, since it’s a utility tool and not a entertaining experience.

Thanks for the feedback, I didn’t expect this game to blow up because that’s not what i made it for. I hoped to make the game as a way to navigate through groups much easier than the current group system impelmented in the website.

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I added a new look the the builds and design of the game and took your advice. Let me know what you think!

Definitely a massive improvement, but it can be better.

I made a quick copy in studio to see how my new improvements would look.

What I did was add a bright fog, but not too foggy because you want to see the group boards clearly.

This is what I set my fog to:
Screenshot 2024-03-02 141012
I suggest playing around with the fog settings to your liking.

This is what it looks like from the outside: a huge border around the entire area so you can’t see the skybox. The grey border parts have cast shadows off so the sunlight comes through.

Also, note that I would change the border wall’s transparency to 0 since it has this weird effect when you’re looking at it from different angles.

So sorry for the late reply (and also for the fact that I’m bumping). I’ve been busy with some other projects and haven’t goten to look at this topic in a while. I’ve just added the features you recommened and it overall made the game look so much nicer! I really appreciate all the feedback I’ve gotten, thanks!

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