Looking for Feedback on my First Homestore

I am creating a homestore for a client with a simplistic theme. This is my first homestore build on Roblox so I hope to grow and become better for the future. All feedback is welcome :smiley:

The Build
Note: The outside terrain is not complete and the cabin picture is a placeholder.

First Floor

Second Floor

Note: The pink flooring is a disco floor for a premium area :slight_smile:

Thank you, all feedback is welcome :smiley:


I like it! Maybe variate the paintings and spread out the lighting more. The entry of the homestore, and the second floor have lots of ceiling lights, but in the other screenshots, I see none.

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I like this homestore! It’s well made and eye catching! But this is something small I would do, what I would do is make the words β€œNew” in bold. To make it more eye catching! But all and all! Very nicely made! I would buy clothes from there once it releases!


It looks really nice, only thing is your floor, which is gorgeous, I think would show off much better than the brown you are using right now. I would experiment with a few dif color choices because I think it could be even better than it is now.

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Thank you all, I will make sure to test with and implement your ideas.