Looking for feedback on my FPS Game, FPS Shooting

Hi Everyone, I would like some feedback on how the game plays and find any bugs :happy3:

There are some things, that I still need to do, such as

  • Make the Main Menu Screen Good, and Fix some GUI Screen. :left_speech_bubble:
  • Fix any unknown bugs. :bug:
  • Make the Game good. :+1:
  • And add new maps!:world_map:

I Hope You Like it! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Game Link:


The game is very successful and dynamic. In my opinion I would put a special type of weapons on each map eg (candy land) a candy launcher and error and I saw that the button to return to the initial menu cannot be given because you are in first person (so what I would do is make a letter from the keyboard teleport you to the initial menu)

In conclusion you are starting on the right foot :grin:

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I cannot play the game, none of the buttons doesnt seem to work

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They work, but it takes while to get teleported to the maps, or click them again and again.

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like how much time?
i’ve waited more than 5 minutes
there is any waits?

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They don’t work… make sure there’s a click in the the script so buttons activate? or make the teleport time shorter.


It does work, I have proof. (Ignore the voices)

Well for some reason its not working :confused: Oh well…


If your on phone, or table it’s hard to click the maps, or sometimes it don’t work.

i’m on pc btw, ima test it again

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yep it doesnt work
see the time[seconds] it takes to say that it failed

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I don’t know why you don’t get teleported, but I think you’re clicking the other maps so much, or maybe it’s just you?

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My initial impression was set low with all the emojis. It made me feel like this game was like that one YouTuber/streamer begging for people to “like” and follow their channels.

When I joined the game on a mobile device, this is what I saw:

The maps are clipped into the right, be sure you have optimized your game for different devices.

Finally, I could tell that these weapons are free models, and while there is nothing wrong with that, the difference in the weapon styles felt off to me.

Otherwise, I feel this game could have potential.

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I think its bc im using a toaster to play ;-;

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The buttons worked for me. Cool intro. I would recommend a better-looking UI. Also more content in the game. More fundamentals like leaning left and right for example. Good job so far.

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I liked how you used portals in the adventure world map to create new areas, although some guns need improvement.

The USP’s ADS sights are misaligned.

The AK model seems kinda squished.

The RPG’s ADS clips through the model.

Overall, the game is nice and the maps have good design, but the models need some polish.

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