Looking for Feedback on my Game Update

Hello, I am ZurichBT. I enjoy coding and building games on ROBLOX and have been spending my time recently on developing this game called The Suburbs. It is a roleplay-type game that is based in a modern town setting. I started the project using the Suburbs template, then made plenty of changes and now that I have gained many more ideas and scripting knowledge, I plan to take The Suburbs to the next level. If you would like to see my progress so far, please check out my game’s Trello page here: Trello

Less than a week ago I have updated my game to Version 1.0.5 which introduced it to a new UI revamp, as well as building tweaks and new lighting features. I am looking for feedback on these new changes. And, before you ask, yes, the game as of right now is under heavy development by me and I plan to add tons of more stuff to do later on. If you’re going to complain about how there is nothing to do, I would much rather have you leave a suggestion. :slight_smile:

Without further ado, here is the game page: (I’ll be on so you have someone there with you!)

Please, keep any arguments and off-topic discussion off this post, thanks! :smiley:


Here are some bugs I am aware of and I am currently fixing:

  • RP Name GUI doesn’t function after resetting your character
  • In-game music after clicking Play stops after some time
  • Spamming another button in the main menu when a window pop-up is closing causes it to break
  • Time cycles to night and doesn’t cycle back to day

I recommend checking out the Trello before suggesting features, just to verify you aren’t repeating something.

There are WAY too many trees. Like, probably going into the thousands. It’s jarring to look at, and it probably isn’t doing any favours for the performance.

Other than that, it’s just a matter of you following through with what you put on the Trello page, and beginning to focus on scripting rather than building.


Thank you, I removed some trees here and there and I just gained a HUGE boost in performance. I will publish 1.0.6 soon as a quick patch for some bugs.


Thank you for all the feedback, I have published Version 1.0.6 which should fix some of the complaints you guys were having earlier.

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