Looking for feedback on my game

Hi, I’m looking for some feedback on my game and if you could give criticisms, that would really help!

Game Link:


I played your game, and it’s great, but…
When u score, u get teleported to the middle of the ground, and u need to jump very times, and sometimes, when u score, u didn’t get teleported but the other yes(or no).
And the game has very lag for all players, all players see the ball with lag, the others running or teleporting, this game has very lag. And i know thats my problem, bc the other are having the same lag in your game.
When a player shoot the ball, u need to wait the ball stop, because you cant pick the ball when shooted, and i think thats a problem.

I recommend see what’s making this lag, and the game will become “perfect”, i used “” because, you need to add more features and not only solve the lag.

Nice Game.

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Thanks for the feedback! :slight_smile:

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