Looking for feedback on my game

Hey there!

I’ve recently gotten back into Roblox after taking a long break, invested a lot of time to completely rewrite a game I was once working on. I believe the game is in much of a playable state now to start gathering some feedback on it, which is why I’m here.

The game is a recreation of Five Nights At Freddy’s. I did my best to make it as accurate as possible in relation to the original game, which involved spending a lot of time researching and reviewing data. I’m satisfied with the gameplay so far myself, and hope to hear what you think!


you should change the name to five nights at fred’s or something to avoid ur game being taken down for copyright like other games have

controls are kind of confusing, needs a tutorial or something like that

stuff randomly activates, like doors and lights

the camera opening thing is glitchy and doesn’t work sometimes or closes right as im trying to use cameras

power randomly drains

pretty plain, just fnaf no special mechanics or anything like that

i played for a while and didn’t see a single monster or anything

this is just a few things i think could be improved, the graphics and sound are cool though

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I don’t know much about FNaF but the game looks quite good. I haven’t played it before and it says “Continue” on the main menu. Also the camera UI bugs a lot if you hover your mouse, change it to a mouse button. I’ve played for a while, I just saw a blue bear in one of the cameras, didn’t do anything.

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Hey, thanks for the feedback!

I’ll take a look at how I can approach the best way to explain the controls. I’m sure I could implement a guide or tutorial of some sort in the hopes to strike down this issue.

Reading other feedback below you, combined with yours, it seems I indeed will have to make some changes to ease the usage of the camera.

Power is supposed to be draining, there’s always one power bar active, like in the original game. It’s explained as the cameras around the building and fan consuming it by standard, so there’s always a drain.

Yep, I can see how it can be considered plain for now. I still have plans to add several modes and multiplayer to game, aiming to make things more interesting.

It can take a while for them to start moving during the first night, since their AI level is set low, it increases during the night and gets increased by standard each night you progress.

Yet again thanks! I appreciate that you’ve taken your time to test out my game, and write feedback on it.

Thanks for taking a look!

I haven’t put much thought in that button being there for new players, but you’re right, it probably shouldn’t. I will contemplate locking it when you’re completely new to the game.

And for the camera, I’ll have to figure out the best way to approach making it more ease of use, since you don’t seem to be the only one having troubles with it.

Yep, that blue bear was out to get you!

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You should disable the respawn button cause if you press it when you’re in-game it will disable every GUI.

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Disabled that now, thanks for telling me.